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Loud farts make all motorcyclists smell bad

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It has finally happened. After years of image destruction by open-piped Harley-riders, the law is cracking down — on everyone. Big singles, restored vintage bikes, sweet-sounding Ducati’s — everyone will now be hassled over the sound level of their bikes because of idiots that think loud somehow equals fast. As is common with this sort of room temperature IQ (and that’s Celsius) a reduction in logic is at work. Here’s how it goes: all race bikes are loud; my bike is a race bike, therefore my bike is loud. This is a syllogism. The reduction in logic goes like this: my bike is loud; therefore my bike is a race bike.

Come to think of it, I don’t think it even goes that far. These guys are like the alcoholic neighbour down the street that cranks the stereo up at 3am, knowing very well and not caring that it will piss people off.

I used to ride through beautiful Belfountain, Ontario on the Forks of the Credit Road as part of an all back roads route from Barrie to Hamilton. Since the place has been overrun with loud, obnoxious bikes I avoid it. Motorcyclists are no longer welcome there no matter what they ride.

Harley-Davidson itself has to shoulder at least some of the blame with its “off-road” exhaust systems. Dealers bolt these on to brand new Harley’s, tossing perfectly good and nice-sounding stock pipes. What’s worse, the things run like shit afterwards, so the poor suckers that shelled out $30K have to spend more on jetting and hi-flow air cleaners.

I often used to wonder why police didn’t set up RIDE checks right outside the nightclub parking lot. I would like to see the roadside noise checks done right outside the Harley dealer where most of the noise originates. I suppose that in both cases the owners of the establishment would cry foul…

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July 29th, 2010 at 3:23 pm

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