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Inaugural Paris Wincey Mills Bike Night

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The evening of April 18th was cool and blustery this year but it didn’t deter over a hundred riders from making the first regular bike night at the Paris Wincey Mills a success.

Some people attend events like this to socialize, but I go for the bikes.

Mixed in with the usual rows of $30,000 cruisers were a few interesting oddities. The “bobber” style popularized by returning WWII pilots was represented…

…along with the obligatory pin-ups.

Some of the custom bikes took motorcycle artwork to another level, like this one with the bi-polar front fender…

…or this one that manages to somehow combine Hieronymus Bosch and softcore porn…

It wasn’t all about geezers on Harleys. There was a smattering of sportbikes.

There was also a phenomenon that is new to me: dual-sport riders in groups, their bikes complete with full knobbies and bash-plates.

Perhaps the rarest bike present may have gone largely unnoticed: a Buell Thunderstorm.

Coffee and food was available and live entertainment was provided. It’s too bad that some people were already leaving just as the band started up with the old Jack Scott tune “The Way I Walk”. At least they weren’t drowned out by the “loud pipes save lives” contingent – possibly because of the OPP station right across the street.

Wincey Mills is located at 31 Mechanic Street, Paris. Bike nights are planned for every other Tuesday night. Check their Facebook page for more info.

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