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For the last few months I have had a 40 km commute to work from Paris, Ontario to Waterloo. I leave at 6:45am and take the same route every day. Every day I pass the same three bikes going in the other direction: an old guy in a lime green Aerostitch suit riding a newer BMW twin with full fairing and saddlebags; a guy and someone who appears to be his daughter — both decked out in Gore-tex riding suits — on a new KLR650; and a guy on an old Honda 400 twin with a bad muffler and a lunch-pail bungeed onto the seat behind him. At that hour, all are obviously on their way to or from work like I am. I often feel a pang of guilt that they are riding to work while I am driving, especially on rainy days.

A week ago Friday happened to be August 13th and the only Friday the 13th this year, meaning my route to work was suddenly filled with bikes heading south to Port Dover. Mixed in with the wannabe tough guys wearing black t-shirts, do-rags and shorty helmets on their “never ridden in the rain” cruisers were the same three familiar commuters. It got me thinking: which ones are the “real” motorcyclists?

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August 24th, 2010 at 5:52 am

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