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I spent the last week attending a work-related training course in downtown Toronto ā€“ the city of my birth and my home until three years ago. The course necessitated getting up at 4:15 each morning to catch a GO train into Union Station and then walking the last few blocks to a location at Bay and Queen. Looking out the window of the student lounge, I was almost face to face with the clock on the tower of the old city hall, now a court house.

To stretch my legs I took a walk at lunch each day in search of the perfect pizza slice. Along the way I got to do a lot of bike-watching. Toronto is the only city I know of where motorcycles can park for free. Gone are the days when you would be ticketed for more than one bike in a parking spot meant for a car. Also gone are the days of low-life car drivers stealing the ticket receipt you left tucked between the gas tank and seat. Gone also are the most ridiculous of all: the tickets for not parking your bike parallel to the curb. Now anyone fearless enough to ride into the belly of the beast is rewarded with free parking and the results are a treat: rows and rows of bikes and scooters of all descriptions. Four or five bikes can cram into a spot that would hold just a single car and judging by the number of times I saw the same machine parked in the same lineup each day, Iā€™d say that commuters are taking advantage of this perk as well as visitors.

Congratulations to the Toronto city council for getting something right.

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May 15th, 2011 at 1:02 pm

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