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This item originally appeared in the forum section of this site and is being re-cycled here

A discussion with a friend about riding a couple of weeks ago got me thinking, and it relates to an earlier topic of giving up street riding in a couple of ways.

My friend and I were discussing a couple we know that do a lot of riding and are into the “social” side of motorcycling. That is, they like attending motorcycle events. If the event is a long distance away, they like to trailer their bikes there and then offload them to ride around at their destination.

There was an article in Cycle Canada magazine a few years ago about a guy that toured by towing his Honda CX650 behind a Chevy Astro van. He camped in the van and then made day trips on his bike out and back from his “base camp”. I remember some controversy surrounding the story at the time that this was not “real” motorcycling.

Now I have trailered my bike to Daytona twice (and ridden there once). I know people that trailer their dirt bikes and vintage bikes without any concerns about their manhood. I know people that trailer their sport bikes to distant twisty roads. Should they have ridden there to prove something?

As I get older and coincidentally have less vacation time, the idea of trailering a bike to a destination or even renting a bike there gets more attractive. Does this make one less of a “real motorcyclist”?

Comment by slo

Trailering, what a subject, it`s a surprise to me that this thread has sat so long without a response.
O.K. anyone involved in motorsports is going to be transporting their ride as the days of riding to the track, stripping off the lights, and going racing are long gone. Also, a trip down into the States for some quality time on the bike in the middle of a Canadian winter will surely have the bike tied down to something at some time.

But for everything else, except of course if it’s not broken, ride it.

Everything else…

(a reply to Slo’s comment)
I knew there would be some diehard opinions on this…

I guess for me, with my bike for sale and looking at buying something smaller and shorter range, all these questions about how much bike I really need and what kind of riding to do are boiling up right now.

When I first started riding, just going for a ride was a thrill and I did it regularly. Bigger, faster bikes equaled bigger and faster thrills. After a while I started to get bored with the same old roads and wanted to explore further afield. Even bigger bikes with saddlebags and windshields followed.

Now that I am no longer up to a cross-continent marathon, I have been re-thinking what motorcycling really means to me and what kind of riding (if any) I will be doing in the future. Track days sound like a rich man’s hobby to me. Dirt riding — I’d rather ride through the woods on my mountain bike.

Complicating matters is an interest in motorcycling with my wife, a new rider. She has no pre-conceived notions about riding yet, so the idea of trailering our bikes somewhere and then exploring with them makes sense to her, being much like taking our bicycles somewhere on the rack on the car and then riding around a new town or trail.

I know guys that trailer their bikes to distant twisty roads even in summer, partly because their bikes would not be the best choice for the trip there and back. I suppose there is always the fear in the back of your mind that you might need to trailer your bike back from such a trip. I know that I wasted some beautiful twisties in BC because the bike I rode there on was loaded down like a pack mule and had a squared off back tire and a blown fork seal 10,000 km into the trip.

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May 19th, 2011 at 9:26 am

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