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Paris 1/2 mile

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On a cool, blustery long-weekend Saturday, my wife and I attended the kick-off to the Flat Track Canada race series, held on the big 1/2 mile horse track at the Paris fairgrounds.

We live in Paris and attend the CVMG events at the fairgrounds as well as a few of the races held on Friday nights at Paris Speedway, also on the grounds. I have often imagined what flat-track racing might be like on the big track. It had pluses and minuses.

The track itself has some speed potential. I didn’t bring my own stopwatch but the announcer said a couple of laps were in the low 25-second range. The track is definitely flat — very little banking. The soft surface formed no discernible packed groove. Passing was happening inside and outside and back tires were leaving a rooster-tail everywhere — much like a loose surface speedway track. By the end of the races, deep ruts had formed at the start-finish line and in the turns. All the racers remarked on it and seemed wary about getting too close to each other. There was no “bar-banging”.

The racing itself followed the kids on 50’s through to the experts style that has become the bread and butter of Canadian flat-track and made it a family affair. Some of the starting grids were a bit thin. The most I saw start a race was seven riders. I could be wrong. That being said, the racing was entertaining, especially the expert races that brought out current reigning champ Don Taylor along with old-timers Chris Evans and Steve Beattie. There were even racers from the States and Quebec.

All in all it was an entertaining four hours of racing for $15 each. Hopefully the series will take off and the stands will be more than half full for the event next week in nearby Burford.

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May 19th, 2014 at 9:23 am

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